We specialize in "characters" development and update our inventory regularly. We are not offering software or "characters customization tools."

All of our models are Royalty-Free for any production, private, or commercial.

We have a selection of models ready to use for most popular formats available here or on Reallusion Marketplace.

We also provide a casting service with our "Productions Bundles," allowing you to get characters specifically

for your project.

Since no project has the same needs as another, we work with you one on one to ensure that you get what you want and need. It is not only a question of look but performance! The characters most comply with your production and distribution restrictions. Together we will find the best way to deliver an optimal result.

The Casting Room

We virtually cast your virtual productions.

We are not another online store, but a resource for virtual producers. Concentrate on your development and let us make sure that you get the best virtual cast.

That you are working on the coolest game, a thrilling animated saga, comedy number, publicity, or so much else, Sckript is there to help you make it happen. Check out the features of our services, and you think what you need is not there let us know.



Ready to use

Selection of models ready to use for most popular formats 


Actors selection

Sample our growing actors' selection.


Single license

For single-character development.

Design Section

Have a look at our design selection to inspire your characters looks


Project license

The best way to cast your entire project


Coming soon on Sckript "character voice-over" casting services.


We will find for you the perfect voices for your characters.

All orders are handled by one Sckript representative who will follow your order progression up to delivery.

The same person will help you make your selection for looks and costumes. 

At Sckript, we are busy bees and like to produce new models regularly. Those are sometimes variations built from our existing cast, and others are altogether new addition.


Most are available on the Reallusion Marketplace for ''Iclone and CC3 users'' or you can order them from this platform in your desired format.

When you order from this platform, we make sure that the model fits your requirements and make adjustments if needed.


You need one character, the single license is for you. 50$, and you get a customized character with three different looks. Any additional looks are for 15$ each.


Three characters and up

Now you need to cast your project. First, to help you, we need to know more about the project context. Send us a brief description and a list of characters.  


Three to six characters: 35$ per character with a minimum of three. 

Four to ten characters: 25$ per character with a minimum of four.

Eleven and up: 15$ per character with a minimum of 11.


Additional characters look for all group is 15$

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