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Virtual Influencers Program


Influencers are a great way to promote a product. However, only some have what it takes to get public attention, and getting the support of an influencer can be costly.

Using virtual influencers is a great alternative. At Sckript, we want to make it easy to get your personalized virtual influencer. Whether you are a pro in 3D animation or not. 

A virtual influencer is more than a pretty face; it is an expression tool!


Virtual production techniques allow you to concentrate on

the content, and the message, as you can quickly produce quality

content that will engage audiences. Use your voice, somebody else,

or an artificial voice like mine; it is your choice. 

There are several styles of virtual influencers, from 3D cartoons

to ultra-realistic to 2D anime characters. What matters is that it

reaches the target audience. Technology evolves fast; Sckript is

not offering another character development application but

working with you to find the best process. 

You can be and look as you wish! Some people want a duplicate

of themself, a virtual double always ready to perform!


Others will engage in a fictional character to represent a brand

or to be one!

Some need some support, and others a lot. There are several ways to create and produce whatever you use or decide to; our job is to provide the services you need along the way!  

Sckript is also about collaboration!


If you want to offer your service for voices, looks or character design, set design, music, or more, no problems, become a member and promote your services.


We are not a marketplace but will provide tools to promote your services.

If everyone is unique, we all share the same preoccupation: budget. At Sckript, you are not just a client but a fellow developer; your success is a contribution to ours. Please write to us today so we can book a consultation to find out how we can help at a price that fits your budget.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it will need the collaboration of many to bring virtual production to the reach of everyone! 

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