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It has been quite a ride for all of us, and it is not over yet! Creative minds can provide relief people need to escape. At Sckript, we want to help the virtual artist and producers by offering a great selection of characters, wardrobe, accessories, and more to support their creative endeavors. 

To do so, we have two platforms that this one dedicated to Characters and Virtual Actors and for our production and project. For the Sckript Team, too, it is a moment of exploration and development, so stay tuned, join us, and stay safe. We have a lot of cool stuff coming!



The Pharaoh



Realistic Virtual Actors... As they get updated... They will get skills and personalities

The future of virtual actors is in developing AI with engaging personalities!

Up so far, virtual actors were just digital shells, puppets moved by their puppeteers, not very inspiring! 

In real life, countless films or series have been inspired or created for famous performers. Celebrities are the muses of many, and what makes someone famous is their unique personalities. 

A good look that is pretty or scary is not enough to sustain popularity. It takes a lot of work to build a persona strong enough to elevate a person to the celebrities' rank. 

I decided to do the same with the Sckript Virtual Actors!

Each virtual actor will get various personas from all eras and styles, ages, shapes and be regularly updated to follow technological progress. For each persona, the virtual actor will receive a new set of skills, such as body motions, facial expression, and eventually, text to speech customized voices to fit their persona and attire. The voices will be recorded by actors available to record more specific dialogs or emotions.

The characters' will be part of different themes, such as historical, sci-fiction, fantasy, and more. On our other platform, members will find storylines and other pieces of information and productions pilots or showcases associated with the themes. All free of rights! 

The goal is to stimulate and supports virtual production developments.
Not everyone is or have access to writers, and it takes time to create or join a creative group. However, virtual productions are now allowing a wide range of creatives to showcase their visions. For everyone, there is a starting point. I hope with Sckript to provide some of this starting point with intriguing characters and storyline.

The S1 Series stylized Characters with an hedge!


The Camelot Collection




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