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At Sckript, we're delighted to be part of developing this new humanity territory.
Welcome to our NFT Section

At Sckript, we're delighted to be part of developing this new humanity territory.
By combining the strengths and specialties of our three platforms, we will provide a range of products and services that will enhance your metaverse experience. 



The metaverse will be more than an extension of the physical world.

You'll be able to slip into a virtual body sleeve to explore its realm—and experience what it's like to be someone or something else.

We'll create various designs for you, from winged to aquatic beings to delicate and heroic.

It is also about the entrepreneurs who produce and maintain experiences.
If they are looking for virtual entertainers, video clips, or series and environment concepts, the group Sckript will have it. 

With the NFT section, you don’t purchase you invest as your item gains value on the NFT marketplace. Combined with our standard service, you can update your purchase! For example, get new outfits and accessories for your character, buy promotional card templates, and much more. 


Our unique experience in the entertainment industry, on the big screen, on stage, and in interactive media makes us uniquely qualified to understand your needs. Many of our NFT products include full commercial and ownership rights, allowing you to do what you see fit with them.  

We will grow with the success of our clients!

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Go look at our first coming soon NFT DROP and make sure to register to learn the DROP date!

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