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You’re cordially invited to a new kind of drag show—the VirDrags! It’s The Party Queens, and they’re all virtual.

The Party Queens are here to break the fourth wall, burst your drag bubble and keep you entertained.

The first releases are two pieces starring Pompadour. A mix of poetry and dance, sometimes disturbing and mesmerizing. As it is for all new forms of entertainment, some will love them, others will be intrigued, and a few will hate them. But if the first ones aren't your cup of tea, there will be more to follow as VirDrag evolves.


They start as tiny images on your screen but soon take over the metaverse and appear on your favorite club's stage as holographic projections.

With each release, we will drop a series of highly collectible NFTs. Trading cards, art, music, videos, characters, and more will quickly gain value.

And we will release one NFT for starring characters, including full commercial rights. Once sold, they no longer be on the market!

Created by entertainment veterans with thirty years of experience in film, television, interactive media, and stages, the Virdrags will continue evolving technology and performance to deliver a product that will delight their fans!

Get in on the ground floor of this new entertainment frontier!

When characters start off as blank slates, they can be imbued with additional attributes through performances. Artificial intelligence can then transform them into entertainment powerhouses. They are shaped by the fans' response and will never lose their appeal. 


The Party Queens company will grow in numbers, and each member of the troupe will have a chance to shine. Each performer brings her own unique style to the shows!

The Pompadour, starring in the first two releases, is a modern poet slightly unhinged. She likes to perform in a world of her own, and she's always got a message that might not be easy to understand.


In the first clip, “La Reine or The Queen,” she is accompanied by three friends: Red Fury, Pixal, and Country Girl. She makes sure that the public knows who she is, a Queen!

In the second clip, Sorciere or Witch, she is supported by Red Fury and Crystalis, as well as a guest appearance of Miguel, a Sckript influencer. It is a tale of magic and wronged passion that twists in unexpected ways.


Each Card will be released in ten copies, with each having a slight design difference
with a minting option of fifteen.  

party queens banner 1.jpg
sorciere banner 1.jpg

The two videos will be released in ten copies with  minting option of five

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