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We create characters for you!

We create characters for you, so orders are not just a matter of choosing from a catalog, single items are available on the Reallusion marketplace. During your characters' design process, there is no charge until the model(s) are ready to download. 

The process is simple in the first email you tell and show us by responding to the questionnaire. You can attach to your email images and or links. 

You will receive a response to your email to confirm that we have received it. Then it takes about 48 hours for us to go through your mail. If there are no questions, we will send you a link to look at the first draft. 

As a first draft, you will likely have comments and adjustments to be done. This process of show&tell is done until you are satisfied.

What we need to know

What is your project type? By understanding the kind of project you are working on, we can determine the levels of textures, dynamics, and details the character should have. 

A project may need simpler avatars and also for promotional or cinematics purposes high-definition versions. Be sure to include this detail too. 

How many characters do you need, and for each, how many looks?

Describe the characters and their roles in your project. To determine a character's personality, we need details on its persona. 

From our design sections, write or attach the pictures of the templates that have retained your attention. Those are templates, and you are not restricted to them, but they will give us a good idea of what you are looking for.

You can also attach visual examples of looks you like from popular characters or other sources.

The creative process shouldn't take much more than 2 to 4 days. However, it all depends on the amount, looks, and characters' complexities.

Royalty free

Sales are only available for members and every character is registered to your project for your and our protection.


However, you can use your characters in all of your other projects or merchandising such as 3D printings royalty free with the limitation for resale the characters and clothes templates on other assets platforms.

We provide full support even after you acquire your characters. We understand that sometimes during the development of a project adjustments are frequent. 

If you have more questions don't hesitate to write.  

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