The crowd stands and APPLAUDS deliriously except for one woman who remains seated, looking around in disbelief. She is LIANA, 25,

a redhead with attitude.

To her left, standing and applauding is Regis, 29, tall and slim. On her other side, an over tan blonde, MARY, 26, is AWOKEN by the thunderous applause around her. As if by reflex, she BOLTS UP and claps with the others.

Noticing Liana is still sitting,

Regis shoots her a look.  

She takes a camera from her lap and SNAPS

a photo of Raymond.


Later at a Trendy Cafe, Liana, Mary and Regis are drinking HERBAL TEA.


The small town is hosting its first annual SPACE ALIEN convention with costumed revelers, as if at an outdoor alien Comic-con event. Liana SNAPS photos.


But something



A bit later at the Hotel’s Bar, Mary tries to make Liana talk.  

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