Cabaret Entry 1

Hi, and welcome to the #Sckript #Cabaret! I am the virtual reflection of the concept creator, or a least what he wishes he looks like. Call me, writer! The point is that in this virtual world, all characters will be bigger than life! However, we will try to keep the storylines close to home, to the real-life that it is.

Sckript Cabaret is not a Disney #Series, so not recommended of a young audience as it is treating mature subjects. No, sorry to disappoint some; it is not porn, but direct and dialogs explicit.

The characters will be of all genders, ages, sexual preferences, religion, and the rest, like in real life. Like in real life, they will also often face confrontations. We choose our stories subjects based on trending and less known social issues. You are welcome to give us suggestions on the forum.

We start with artificial voices, created by, but we will as we go along cast live actors. It is a work in progress. Please, subscribe to and join this new multi-platform adventure.

Let's start by introducing you to the Sckript Cabaret world! The action takes place in a none descript city in North America. The epicenter of the #storylines is the Sckript Cabaret own by Mona Roe and an ambitious young actress. She lives and works with her two best friends, Gabby and Charmain, also actors and performers. As they are trying to make it on the big and small screens, at the cabaret they own the nightlife.

The series of posts is about Lula Hoop, a singer, and performer that Gabby wants to book for the White Festival. The problem is that Charmain is against it, and Mona has to choose who of the two she will support.

Like everything in life, there is more on all sides then just a question of hiring or not a #performer.

But that is for you to discover! Have fun, and let us know what you think.

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