Charmain Jet - Entry 1

Well, hello, good people, here's #Charmain, the Amazon Goddess! This text is my first post, and I seriously don't know how to begin. I don't particularly appreciate talking about the past, and I don't care much thinking about the future. I am all about the present.

Some will say that it is because I can't face the past hurts, some maybe, but the reason is that I earn the right to enjoy my now and intend to do so. I grew up in this town, and everybody knows who I am and what I had to go through to become the woman I am today, so there is no need wondering about the journey. If you are looking for a juicy trans story, look somewhere else! But if you are interested in following the adventure of a fantastic woman, stay tuned.

I am in charge of the entertainment at the cabaret. I know that Gaby believes to be the kingpin, he may be great at promotions, but not so hot at putting it together. But let's not tell him that. I don't want to bruise his already fragile ego.

Like the two others, I, too, aspire to become a headliner beyond the cabaret. However, I love performing on our small stage, and the performers are family. I know that I can be a bit obsessive by times; nothing comes without sacrifices and discipline. If some perceive me as the queen bitch, there is not one that is not trilling at the sound of the applause.

Oh, as about my sex life, not really your business, for that Gaby should be enough.

Word of wisdom: "Talent has many faces, but only one drive."

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