Gaby Prince - Entry 1

I am #Gaby, actor, model, performer, singer, and the best damn barman in town! Some may think I am full of myself, and they are freaking right. If you don't believe in yourself, don't expect others to believe in you.

If there is one truth in this life, it is that everything is a competition. I am a fierce fighter and will use whatever I need to win except for betraying my friends; there are some limits to ambition.

If you have read Mona post, you know that I work at the cabaret and share with her and Charmain the upstairs loft. Not always easy to live and work at the same place, but with our crazy schedules, we don't share that much time, and the place is enormous!

My room is the perfect love nest! Maybe if you a hot jock, rough a bit on edge, tattoos, and with a three days old beard, you'll be invited. But it's not because I'll give you the best shag you'll ever have that we will become an item. Coupling is not my cup of tea. I prefer friends with benefits.

Maybe, later, when I will have passed my prime, if that ever happens, I'll find a sexy daddy to share a cute condo in the south and raise a couple of chihuahuas.

If out there I have to compete, at the cabaret, I am a king! Of course, Mona is the Queen; it is her's after all, and Charmain is the star. She is hotter than any biological woman as she had to fight for her female identity. I am the king because I oversee the operations. Guess what! In this drop-dead sexy body, reside a business mind.

Mona is excellent with the numbers, but to keep good numbers, you need a booming business, and to get a good business, you need booming concepts that bring the people in with their cash!

Word of wisdom: If it smells like shit, it because it is shit!

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