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I don’t want to influence you!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Hello, everyone! I am Xtase, the new virtual influencer.

I don’t like the term influencer; to me, influencing somebody has a negative connotation. I don’t want to influence. I want to report, observe, share, and showcase. The rest is up to you!

At Sckript, I will talk about #trends and looks. As you can see, I like looks that include mixed genders influences. Fashion is a form of expression and shouldn’t be confined to social conventions or sexual orientation.

Beauty is within character, whatever your body shape or age, and your main attribute is your uniqueness.

As a virtual being, I do have some advantages, but I also have advantages.

If you are a developer, want to do VI, or love fashion, I will consider both universes in my posts.

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