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Just plain hot!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

If you vacation to some exotic location, you don’t want the weather to be hot!

First, protect your skin because you guys have one. Sunscreens are not a joke or an excuse for a cute friend greasing you up. They are a must!

Then it is time to wear flowing cotton or linen cool prints pants. So easy to slip in or out of. The beanie hat is always a great complement while protecting you from sun exposure.

Except for lip gloss, I don’t wear makeup on the beach. I find that it makes you look out of place. Like in some other places, it is the time to go “au naturel,” as they say in French.

Once you are out of the beach and exploring, I find synthetic fabric useful. You want to stay your best even if many parties are involved. What they lack in #comfort, they gain in usefulness as synthetic fibers are stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and perfect if you have a sleepover! However, synthetic fabrics look better in plain colors with no motifs unless you go for the glitter look.


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