Mona Roe Entry 1

My name is #MonaRoe. Let's start with this: "There are no dumb blonds, just dumb people." This text is my first blog entry. The mission is to introduce myself and my environment. Who I am, what I do, what I like, or hate, there are so many questions which answers can define what kind of per

son you are or not; always a matter of interpretation.

Okay, enough blabbing, I am a 28 years old actress, owner of a humble, but might I say a popular nightclub "#Sckript Cabaret."

I live with my two best friends in a loft on the second floor over the cabaret.

My late grandmother, whom I adored, left me a bit of money. Not enough to be free of this materialistic world bounds, but enough to purchase a mean of income fitting my character. I am not good at dealing with money when it is for myself; however, excellent when it is about managing a cause... and Sckript Cabaret is a cause! The cabaret is the gathering from unconventional, brilliant misfits to perform, showcase their attributes, and earn some extra cash.

I won't talk about my roommates as they are also publishing their blogs and are better suited to describe themselves. I will conclude this post by saying, brace for impact people because you're about to be brought front and backstage of a journey like no others you have ever experienced.

Wise words: "To be hot is to be real, even under pancake makeup!"

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