Virtual Productions Takeover

What is a #virtual #producer? A virtual producer is anybody who produces content using virtual #production tools. That it is #animation or visual effects compositing, virtual productions are on the rise.

What used to require costly #software and hardware is no

w available for all budgets. The learning curves to produce virtual content are also simplifying. Many software aims to reach a novice clientele with little or no knowledge of virtual production techniques. Take over

There are a variety of online resources for assets, backgrounds, sounds, pieces of music, and more; that are needed to complete production. The same applies to technical support with numerous forums and how-to videos. All you need now is a good story or concept!

The #revolution in media production that Youtube brought to the Entertainment industry will look pale compared to the impact of virtual productions.

Already, most conventional productions are using virtual assets, and virtual assets are taking more and more space. It is getting difficult to make a distinction between virtual and real.

I assisted in the implementation of digital in the entertainment industry. At the same time, even if there was a lot of resistance, it quickly took over many of the conventional techniques. So without a doubt in mind, I can guaranty that within less than a decade, virtual productions will rule.

One of the main reasons is the economic factor. With the exponential development of the streaming platforms comes the colossal need for content to satisfy the consumers' appetites. Let's face it, for average viewers who directed and is starring is irrelevant if the entertaining value is there!

With virtual productions, you reduce the cost like never before while increasing the delivery speed. A virtual star will never age nor being challenging to deal with. The same applies to the rest of the crew as it will consist of and handful of computer technicians working with AI smart systems.

Even acting will be performed mostly by software. For those who think that nothing can replace human sensitivity, insult your #Alexa and wait to hear her answer. Jokes aside, human emotions and behaviors are easier to predict that you would think.

Nothing can stop this from happening unless maybe a solar flare, and this would send us back to the old ways for a while until they reboot the system.

If I was to ask you to stop using your smart technologies such as your cell-phone, tablet, watch, TV, car, would you? Do you care that by using so many online services, you are killing conventional industries? No, because you want instant results and for the lowest prices you can get it. The same applies to entertainment. Ask around to the younger generation how many are watching broadcast television.

Several years ago, I made a presentation at #CBS to #NinaTassler, chairwoman of CBS Entertainment. I was presenting a concept of content distribution that looked a lot like Netflix now (not saying they stole my idea as I was not the only one thinking of it).

I was fully prepared, even have brought my #sharp flat screen (they were not that common then) to make sure my demo looked perfect. We had to wait for some clown from their new interactive division who arrived ten minutes late (he was playing tennis.) I had everything, including a dozen of concept scripts to support such a possible new service.

To make a long story short, I was told by Bozzo that it was too out there and not respecting the standard. Who was I to disagree if not one of the people who had spent years developing the standards the mister tennis player was using and by the way knew jack about?

At the end of the presentation, he offers me to join the team, possibly. Of course, after reviewing my researches and work. I said, no, thank you.

You see, if I have the patience for my work, I have none for stupidity. I told Nina, within the next five years, streaming will take over broadcast. It took a bit more, but it is happening. This story is to illustrate as to how it doesn't matter how well you are situated in the entertainment industry, nothing stop progress and you may wake-up like your job a thing of the past.

Now, I don't want to conclude this post on a negative note. For those in the industry, I say that it may be time that you start upgrading your skill if you want to pursue your career. What the new technologies can't replace and badly need are experience and skills. You would be surprised to see how easy it is to shift your talents toward the virtual tools gradually. For the newcomers, a big welcome as this is the beginning of your era!

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