Welcome to 2020

Welcome to the year 2020! What is in store for humanity during that unique decade of the new century?

Is it the moment when humankind finally realize that we are one race, one species living on the same blue ball?

Is it the year that we will get free from the puppeteers' manipulations that have influenced the destinies of the billions for their benefits?

It doesn't matter who is to blame for the numerous atrocities that are plaguing our superb planet; what matters is that we do something to stop it.

Stop blindly, believing what is feed to you by those who pretend to know better. No one knows better than the other. We all have the truth compass embedded in our souls. There are no justifications to arm another. It doesn't matter to whom or what you pray, or how and where you do it as long that it is sincere and for the benefit of humankind.

The universe is waiting for our species to evolve! What we are now is nothing else but a disease that can't be let loose to contaminate other worlds.

All there is to do is switching your frequency. Stop looking at the problems and the hurts, and seek the solutions and remedies. That doesn't mean to be a lamb, waiting to be a sacrifice. No, because there is no evolution without awakening. As you are awaking, it is normal to be filled with rage. Transcend this rage into knowing, as you can't change the past experiences; you can prepare future ones. By seeing you understand so that the lies and low games won't affect you any longer.

We are all connected, but we are all unique also. It is this uniqueness in each of us that makes us such a beautiful species as it merges and enriches the souls' collective.

Don't be afraid to let go! Walk toward your real calling and trust that nothing happens for no reason; however, that doesn't mean that you need to suffer.

Miracles are manifestations within one soul. To be amazed is to be fulfilled as only then will you forget regrets. To regret is like walking your head looking back, unaware of what is ahead, bound to fall!

The responsibility that we have toward others is to respect their life path and not unless asked to interfere. There are no actions that make one in debt to the other, so give freely.

The worst fear is the fear of fear itself. There is only one way to make pain away; it is to confront it and find out why it is to be. You will then vanish the pain or accept it as it is part of your life path. In any case, everything in this experience is about learning, and your soul is the teacher who selects the experiences.

Once a lesson learned, you move to the next.

What humanity as now to realize is that we are in control of this experience. Every one of us is linked to this world energy! There is no contribution lesser than another as energy has no ego. Energy is the light in us that is pure and strong independently from what our physical state is.

God is in you as you are God's manifestation. There is no selection or judgment, just delays, and lessons hard to get. Don't look for a book to guide you, as you are the guiding light.

Be creative as you are the only artist and architect who can shape your life. Trust oneself, but share your experiences to enrich the souls collective we are all sharing.

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