Victorian Collection Lily's Look, includes everything as shown exept for the hair sold seperatly. This look requires the woman Victorian Morph included with the bundle. Bundle made for CC3 and Iclone Characters.

Victorian Lily's Look

  • Category

    Corset: Shirts\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Jacket and short sleeves: Coats\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Skirt: Skirts\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Gloves, bustle, neckpiece: Others\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Hats, bows, earrings in Accessories category : Head\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Pearls choker in Accessories category : Torso\Sckript\Victorian\Women

    Pear braccelet in Accessories category : Arm\Sckript\Victorian\Women

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