Victorian Man Dorian's Look, requires for good fitting to use the Vitorian Man Morph included with the bundle. This bundle includes everything as shown except for hair and mustach. Made for CC3 and Iclone 7 Characters.

Victorian Man Dorian's Look

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    Jacket: Coats\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Vest: Coats\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Shirt: Shirts\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Tie: Others\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Collar: Others\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Glasses in the accesories category: Head\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Walking Stick in the accessories category: Arm\Sckript\Victorian\Men

    Boots: Sckript\Victorian\Men

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