Welcome to the recruitment program. 
First, you have to be 18 years and up.

Sckript.com is to become a one-stop for virtual characters and productions assets.
At Sckript, clients are members and receive a five stars service and deal with a sales agent from start to delivery.

The concept is simple and elegant. The members schedule a session with the sales agent of their choice. During the session, sales agents, by conventional or video chat, listen and question the clients on their needs. Agents present the clients with a selection of items from a variety of designers to guide their choice. At the end of the virtual meeting, a date is set for the show and tell session.

Talking with the designers, the agent put together all of the required elements for the first show and tell session. The process is repeated until the client is satisfied.

The economic system

All sales are made on Sckript.com.
The new platform is not a marketplace, and clients can't buy items separately and by themself.

Designers/developers are not exclusive to Sckript.com who also can decide to stop collaboration with designers.
The designer/developer doesn't have to give a percentage of their sales. The service fee is added to the retail price.

The Sales Agent gets 25$ for each client session and 10% of the service fees. The rest goes to the company operation and the differents other collaborator associates. 

The process

General description

It is essential to understand that no project has the exact demand of another.
Everyone wants something unique and fast!

The working language is English. You don't have to be perfect as most won't be, but you need to be fluid enough to communicate.

For most cases, character development is done by combining multiple elements from different sources. For example, the character shape, hair, clothing items, and even skin will be from other designers and assembly by another artist to ensure everything works. Each participant receives the retail value of the article used for the model built. The formula will ensure a steady production flow.

The client and artist only deal with the sales agent supervising the process from start to end. For the developer, as for the client, it is less confusing to interact just with one person. However, the identity of the designers and contact details will be available on their showcase pages.

All sessions will be recorded to protect the client and agent and provide designers with reference material.

All parties can refer to the Floor Manager in the case of complaints or problems.
The Floor Manager may step in to replace an Agent temporarily if needed.

To be a client, the customer has to purchase a membership.
This membership covers the fees for the session with the agent and ensures the client's legitimacy.

Payments will be made once the amount has reached 100$ and up on the first of each month. Sckript.com leaves to the associate to administrate their tax deduction.

Even if the owner of Sckript.com has the final say, the platform operations policies are subject to associate votes. Associates can also propose concepts or modifications by publishing them on the group page. If there is an organizational structure, everyone has a voice.

Each sector will have a committee that will supervise its sector. For example, new associate addition will be subject to the committee members' vote after this initial recruitment phase, but the administration must approve. 

It is essential to keep a good ratio of associates to ensure profitability for all. 

Once again, this platform is not another marketplace but an exclusive design solution.

The designer and developers

Even if many developers can do most steps involved in character creation, we are dividing it into specialties. Contrary to the game development market, the entertainment industry insists on diverse choices and doesn't like dealing with a designer controlling all.

We will be also be working for people from the conventional Entertainment Industry. As such, they are used to process used for decades. Our mission is to be a bridge between the traditional and virtual.

However, a developer will be allowed to propose their services in multiple categories.

The designer/developer has to present a portfolio related to the section. Once selected, the material will be added to the presentation book used by the sales agents. Each designer will also have a profile section to showcase their work for clients, add a website link and professional details.

If a client decides to communicate directly with the designer, it is fine, and we are happy.
However, transactions made out of our platform are not covered by our policies or guarantees.

The developers decide on the retail price of their items or services. 
The item selection is upload to the server for the use of the sales agents.

Sckript.com may remove items or request updates as the technology evolve. 

If a developer desire to withdraw from the group, they complete an ongoing job. Their selection will be removed from the workbook and their profile page closed. The designer may re-apply at a later date.

Sckript.com may commission a designer to create items for its line. In that case, Sckript.com and the developer agree on a one payment fee. The item will then be part of the Sckript.com selection.

For exclusive creation requests, the sales agent will send a submission request to all developers.
It will be up to the client to make a selection.

Here are the sections

Characters frame (body): No hair, clothes, minimal makeup, just the naked body.

Character face and morphs: Creation of the face and possible body morphs.

Hair: Hair and facial hairstyles

Skin: Makeup and special FX

Costumes: Clothes, shoes, accessories

Texture: Texture development

Dresser/Tester: This person will assemble the character and test it on the selected platform.

Sales Agents

In the old days of Couture Fashion, each Couture House had sellers dealing with the clients and supervising the model fabrication. It is essentially the same for Sckript.com

The Sales Agent responsibilities are far more the retail. They are coordinator and client services representatives at the same time. Because of the International clientele nature, the more language they speak, the better. They will also have the choice of being working on their respective time-zone or not. 

Like for the developers, they will have profile pages with a booking application.
They write their availability on the booking app.If they refuse or can't accept a booking, they have to report to the floor manager to advise the clients and help find another agent.

The sales agent will get a listing of their past clients with comments on the profile as we progress. 

The floor manager evaluates client complaints. After having a chat with the sales agent, the floor manager will send his recommendations to the administration to decide on the actions. 

The sales agent can report to the floor manager on the misconduct of clients or designers. 

The Floor Managers and Assistant Floor Manager

They are The Floor Managers and The Assistant Floor. They monitor the site activities, including being on the client's chat to answer the question about the operation politics. The Floor Manager gets 10% on the sales and 5% on subscriptions, the assistant gets 5% on subscriptions and sales done during his shift. The floor manager keeps reports and handles problematic situations.

The Floor Manager supervises the production process, deadlines, and various sites developments.