Tess is a successful journalist whose life takes a dramatic turn after getting an old country Inn as an inheritance in Shadow Hills. Minded to quickly sell the property, accompanied by her best friend Lynn, they go on a journey to find out what this place is all about. To her astonishment as Tess steps in, she falls madly in love with the old manor house... It’s like if a spell was cast on her!


By the end of their first night at the Inn, Tess and Lynn entered a realm where the line between the living and the dead is so thin that both dimensions collide. Shadow Hills is a unique rendezvous point for the departed as they will soon discover.


Tess is the next woman in her family lineage to receive the charge of becoming the Inn Keeper. A magical place yes but not short of problems... As some of the guests could be hard to accommodate as they have some unresolved issues from their past lives to deal with before moving on to the other side for good.


To help taking care of the guests, Tessa and her sidekick Lynn have an Inn's crew. The none official leader of this team is Rose the cook who got the job from her mother like Marius her cousin the Grounds Keeper. Gertrude is the administrator, a ghost from the 1920s who like Hank the butler decided to stay a while longer to help before moving on. Last but not least is Lady Penelope the first Inn Keeper from centuries ago who likes to show up when some situations are presenting a challenge harder than usual.


The legacy Tess received was more than a property, but a destiny that she couldn't deny.


Welcome to Soul Inn the place to rest in peace!

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