The Vintage Series



If we are style admiring the Silver Screens' divas' elegance and sensuality, the behind the old Hollywood scene was not so glamourous. To be a star meant to be a slave of the studio system. 

Some had succeeded in navigating through this maze of intrigues and dirty games, but most did not.

Names like Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo instantly invoke mystery, beauty, and sex appeal. While Greta Garbo, unwilling to play the game any longer, vanished, Monroe and Harlow paid with their life the price of fame. 

That said, hard to imagine a film noir without the femme fatale and her glamour! In this series, we will recreate a selection of stars, women, and men, from the 1920s to the 1950s. And contrary to the old studio system, the palet will include all sizes and shades. 

Harla is our first Character of the Series. Jean Harlow, the 1930s blond bombshell, inspires Harla's character development.

Harla was created using CC3.3. She is dressed with the latest Old Hollywood Glamour Series and Makeup from the Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup Line. The hairstyle is from Sckript wigs and hairclips combined.


The Glamour Makeup Line is SkinGen created in the pure style of the old fashion makeup styles. Plenty of tools to create great vintage looks!

women hair collection 3.0.jpg