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Welcome to the Sckript Workshop Section!

If you want to join us and become a community member, please subscribe and get access to the workshop files!

 All Workshop Free Downloads are royalty-free! As a free gift, we do not offer technical support; however, you are welcome to use the forums or other social features to seek help from other members.

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The Women Base Fashion

Pack ONE

Available for members only


This character is from Sckript's original series "The Origins."  The character was created using Realusion CC4, costume with Marvelous Designer.

This project is inspired by one of the clips from the Netflix series Love Death and Robots. I decided to create my version of a mystical goddess, inspired by the short titled Jibaro. My version is not as beautiful or intricate, but it's a good exercise. 

 I used video clips from Reallusion's iClone software, slowed them down by half, and combined them. Much of the makeup is also done using Reallusion products, with my design and tattoo added in clip art.

 The costume was made using Marvellous Designer, Blender, and CC4. You'll notice during the clip that I still need some arm refinements. I left it there because the goal is not perfection, and I'll let you achieve that! You will get the OBJ, Marvellous designer, and FBX files with textures for download.


The music was put together using Soundtrap Studio from Spotify. I am tone-deaf, and yet I use their free service efficiently.



 While most people think about how aliens' disclosure would affect us, few consider its effect on the aliens. So I give a voice to a Grey called John! I got the set from Store, and I like how it contrasts with the character. The voice is from Replica Studios. By the way, their plug-in doesn't work with Iclone 8!

For this clip, you get the FBX and CC4 project files.

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