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Iclone and Character Creator users find our rich selection of costumes, hair, and more.


We want Sckript to be accessible to all! So we need help in translation and content development. Let the world know about your culture! You don't have to be a virtual producer to be part of our team. It can be writing, design, acting, or anything you may think of. 



the community!

As a member, you are a co-creator. As such, we will do our best to help and support your development.

Your success is our success; there are no other ways.


You have a unique project for a limited budget, let us know, and we will work together to make it happen.

You are a student and work on a curriculum, let us know. Use the forum and members' pages to exchange and collaborate. 

You have content you want us to showcase in the content lab let us know. We will also organize group projects and highlight members' accomplishments.


We are at the beginning of an era for content development, old ways need to be revised, and this is a group effort.

Let us know your vision as to how our platform should be. What is your ideal virtual production community?

Piracy is not an option

At Sckript, we don't believe that piracy should be an option to get our products. If you are experimenting in virtual production and have a limited budget, don't look to get our products on illegal download sites. 

We understand that when you start, monetary means are not always at reach. Talent should not be halt because of a price tag. 

Don't steal, join us, become a member, and we will support your developments. It is a fair exchange, as your experience will enrich this platform. We won't interfere in your production, nor retain any ownership. It is not a gift but an investment in promotion, research, and developments.

We won't, however, support hate and racist content. For the rest, it is not to us to decide what is good or bad, but to your public and fans!

We will create a section to showcase and promote your work. Sckript is not another big corporation but the result of a group collaboration of creative minds from professionals to hobbyists. Help showing that talent doesn't require a social status to be showcased and appreciated.

This program applies to members only that are individuals, small production teams, or educational groups/associations with limited resources.  There are no age or location restrictions.  

We look forward to earring from you.


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