Welcome intro by the editor

It has been quite a ride for all of us, and it is not over yet! Creative minds can provide relief people need to escape. At Sckript, we want to help the virtual artist and producers by offering a great selection of characters, wardrobe, accessories, and more to support their creative endeavors. 

To do so, we have two platforms that this one dedicated to Characters and Virtual Actors and sckriptprods.com for our production and project. 

For the Sckript Team, too, it is a moment of exploration and developments, so stay tuned, join us, and stay safe. We have a lot of cool stuff coming!

the WORLD collection PART one


With the World Collection it is about exploring cultural diversities. The traditional styles will influence the designs of new looks.

It is also about looking at the multiple faces of humanity. We believe that our uniqueness resides within our fantastic diversity. Some may say that it is a contradictory affirmation, but we are all Homo Sapiens, whatever race we are. Through that collection, we will also introduce virtual actors of different ethnicity. Even more then for the conventional, the virtual stage targets wider audiences. Time to not only within our stories this diversity but to celebrate it!

World Collection Part One presents our interpretation of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East Ethnic groups.   The collection offers different types of bundles, from cloths to skins and Avatars.

Not Humans Series...Reptilians


Who or what are The Reptilians? There are several stories, legends, and conspiration theories associated with the reptilians. 

Are they from Earth or Draco? What about this shape-shifting capability they are supposed to have?

Are they living in inner earth or among us?

The questions list is long, and we apologize to all Reptilians if we have missed-represented your kind for this new Reptilian Series. Maybe you can send us a picture? Jokes aside, we will add to this collection new looks based upon the public and members' suggestions.


Vintage Series - Old Hollywood Glamour


If we are style admiring the Silver Screens' divas' elegance and sensuality, the behind the old Hollywood scene was not so glamourous. To be a star meant to be a slave of the studio system. 

Some had succeeded in navigating through this maze of intrigues and dirty games, but most did not.

Names like Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo instantly invoke mystery, beauty, and sex appeal. While Greta Garbo, unwilling to play the game any longer, vanished, Monroe and Harlow paid with their life the price of fame. 

That said, hard to imagine a film noir without the femme fatale and her glamour! In this series, we will recreate a selection of stars, women, and men, from the 1920s to the 1950s. And contrary to the old studio system, the palet will include all sizes and shades. 

Characters Series - Hatshepsut


She was born first, but as a princess, she had to become a queen by marrying her half brother. Unlike him, she knew how to rule. Unlike him, she had the heart of a king.

She waited and prepared to be ready for the moment she would rise above all expectations. To be what no women have been before and none would ever be after her. She was to become one of the most famous and successful Ancient Egypt Pharaoh.

She was Hatshepsut! The Queen, who was the king of the Nile.

But for everything, there is an end.

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