Our team is in expansion as we are structuring Sckript operations. Sckript is not a startup with investor money; it is a group collaboration. 
All Sckript administrators are from a creative background bringing their expertise and experiences onboard as we develop our new virtual casting and production platform.

To those on this page are added many advisers and collaborators, that is including our members. At Sckript, we consider members like partners. If we work for success, we know this goal can only be achieved with our members' projects success.

The faces of those who are working for the members. 

Merik, Founder

Design, animate, program, and more...

A lot of fun every day. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing people using your creation for their creation!

Cathy, Casting director

For the right idea, there is the right character, and for this character, there is the right actor.

Alexandre, Concept

No concept is too small or too big if you can share a vision. 

Kelly-Ann, Producer

What is life if not challenges? The idea is to rise for the occasion...

Find ways!

Alain Gabriel, Characters

Virtual can't be without life experiences,

and that I happen to have.

Next partner

I am out here soon to bring my fantastic potential to the team!

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