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Every project is different. Stock content may help set up a background, but it's only sometimes appropriate for hero scenes. 

Only some developers like creating their characters, and available virtual actor resources can be expensive.

Our "Production Pass"  offers an economical and flexible option for virtual actors.

The Production Pass gets you access to 10 customizable Sckript virtual actors (regular price for additional actors). We'll work with you to adjust their looks using our asset inventory. Everything can be tweaked from age, weight, height, clothes, accessories, eye colors, hairstyle, skin tone, and even FX such as tattoos or scars. 

All of the Sckript Characters' library, including virtual actors purchased with the "production pass," can be used on any projects or commercial ventures. However, you do not retain the exclusive rights to the model's likeness or look.

Once you have purchased a production pass, please register it with the purchase number and send us your casting needs. We will reply to let you know we have received your request and give you a deadline for your first virtual show and tell. 

We'll contact you throughout the process to gather more information about your characters. Once we've completed the first round of development, you'll receive a link to download images and videos of the proposed characters. Then, it's your turn to make comments for adjustments. The back-and-forth process will continue until everyone is happy with the result.

Remember that you will be charged for additional modification after you approve your character, and you will receive the FBX file once it is approved!

This policy applies to all character-type purchases.

A production pass contains ten characters; you can use the leftover characters for another project if you don't need all ten.

Be aware that "Production Passes" are available in limited quantities.

Because we want to build a relationship with you, "Production Passes" are limited in number. This gives us more time to work together.

Contact us for information on  Available Production Pass

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