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I don’t need to shower.

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

No, as Vir, I don’t need to shower. In fact, creating the illusion of water in virtual production is not an easy thing!

I am not talking about the water itself but its impact on characters and the environment. In the virtual world, everything is about shapes and textures. A set of commands triggering changes in structures and textures is required to get what looks like natural behavior. For example, particle rain may fall on a character, even bounce on its shape, but it won't affect the clothes, hair, or skin unless it has been programmed to.

In real life, it is more about consequences. Some people avoid using soap as much as possible, while others use multiple cleaning regiments. Your choices will have an impact on your skin and hair.

Getting you clean is a big commercial machine! Like everything else, personal hygiene is also evolving due to ecological preoccupations and awareness.

What is your daily cleaning routine? I want to know what you like, need, and why!


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